Sunday, January 15, 2012

4 months..

OMG! I haven't posted here since did that happen?

Well happened and keep's an update of the last few months...

We went on your first trip to visit your tía, tío and cousins for your first christmas.  I caught a nasty cold and gave it to you and we spent a few sleepless snotty nights together.  Your dad and I were a couple of nervous ninnies watching you struggle to nurse and broke our hearts just a little bit...but we were happy for your immune system and it's renewed strength, good work babe!

In the last few weeks you've turned into a real babbler, you are chewing on your fingers like it's your job and insist upon standing on our laps as much as we will let you.  You are now wearing 4-6mo in the northern european brands and outpacing your fellow spaniards with some bodies in the 6-9mo's a rare few who don't comment on your bright blue eyes or biteable jowls, they are extremely hard to resist.

I am going to try to be around here a little more, for better updates and more fun stuff...I have a million pics on my camera to share, a recipe or two and the best of intentions of revising that incredibly long birth story...oy vey!