Monday, September 10, 2012

It's coming..

it's been a long time. We've traveled from city to city to city and across an ocean. you were born in one continent and are turning 1 in another... more on that are my most favorite person on this earth...all the minutes in the day are not long enough for all the little tickles and kisses I have to give you.


lately your favorite things are emptying all the cupboards in the house, especially where the plates go and the dry foods. if you had it your way stair climbing would be an olympic event. you have very strong opinions about diaper changing and getting dressed, but in general you're a real peach!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Travelling with Munchkin

We flew for the first time this weekend...a long weekend to visit my dad in Almería...Ori is an excellent traveller...he made friends with the old guy in the aisle seat next to us who gave us the evil eye when we sat down..little did he know, instead of a screamer, he got a charmer..

On the way back we learned the basics of high altitude diaper changes...good training for what's to come...

Ori, you're cheeks say it all...
You are almost rolling over, mesmerized by food, singing yourself to sleep (or when you have to burp...sometime really hard to tell the difference of what is what), drooling like a puppy and pretty much happy as a clam...oh oh oh, I'm melting a little bit more everyday sweetikins..

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Time is currently lost on me...maybe it's the effect of all those night feedings we're still having...but I feel like the days keep passing by at lightning speed...I think I should probably stop acting surprised in these blog posts that it's been xyz long since I last's probably not surprising to anyone else...I'm not sure anyone even reads this blog actually, besides my mother (HI mom! :)) ...but that's ok..I hope Ori will read it one day...when he's old enough to appreciate it..Or at least take an interest in it..I got to thinking tonight how having a child has changed me.  How I see all children differently compassion has grown exponentially and my ability to love has reached new heights..'skies the limit really...

Oricito, you're going to be 5 months next week...your dad and I stayed up late the other night watching videos and looking at photos from your first were so a little you are like a whole sac of potatoes..!  You are long and lean, but with small little folds in all the right places...It's been cold in our apartment and you have been coughing a little these past few nights I've been holding you extra close to try and keep you extra warm.  You are just about to start to giggle and have been grabbing things for sometime now.  You are fascinated by food...I'm not ready to give you anything yet, but we're starting to think about it...I'm enjoying every minute we spend together these are just SO precious, I can't contain myself..

Sunday, January 15, 2012

4 months..

OMG! I haven't posted here since did that happen?

Well happened and keep's an update of the last few months...

We went on your first trip to visit your tía, tío and cousins for your first christmas.  I caught a nasty cold and gave it to you and we spent a few sleepless snotty nights together.  Your dad and I were a couple of nervous ninnies watching you struggle to nurse and broke our hearts just a little bit...but we were happy for your immune system and it's renewed strength, good work babe!

In the last few weeks you've turned into a real babbler, you are chewing on your fingers like it's your job and insist upon standing on our laps as much as we will let you.  You are now wearing 4-6mo in the northern european brands and outpacing your fellow spaniards with some bodies in the 6-9mo's a rare few who don't comment on your bright blue eyes or biteable jowls, they are extremely hard to resist.

I am going to try to be around here a little more, for better updates and more fun stuff...I have a million pics on my camera to share, a recipe or two and the best of intentions of revising that incredibly long birth story...oy vey!